Elf Adventure for Android


Being a bit of an Elf fan myself, I can appreciate a good children’s game that they can play on their tablet. This time around, I discovered a nice little Elf game called Elf Adventure Calander for Android Tablets.

I like to get my children in the mood for christmas every year because we have a pretty big party that we like to include them in. This way they can live towards the big party with their tablet.

The game is a calander game, which means that every day towards counting down to christmas, a new feature becomes available. In this game, those can be new levels as well as new tasks to perform. The drawing of the game is very funny with those small little elves.

The elves have already done all of their chores and are done with all the gift making and wrapping for this holiday season. Just when they’re about to take a break, they noticed Giant Frost is going to sleep for the winter. But he has to make the snow! What is a christmas party without snow?!? The elves can’t rest until this is resolved, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy 🙂

Kids love to perform these tasks as they progress through the short story. I’d love to see what the creators come up with next year!