Afterpay and shopping

order a book with afterpay

A lot of people are wandering where to buy good items online. I can tell you for a fact that not every shop is as good and reliable as the next as you go further in items that are not that readily avaible.

The rarer an item is, the more obscure shops you will encounter that mostly are your only choice for that particular item. As you probably don’t know the shop and have no way of knowing your money will be in good hands AND lead to a delivery of said product, there have to be other ways to be more safe about it.

A large company in the online retail space that specifically adresses this problem is Afterpay. A way to start with good shops that use this service can be found in this overview, which helps you to find the shops that deliver to your area.

Paying the safe way with Afterpay

So what this company does, is regulate the shops that can make use of it’s services. They do a screening beforehand, and they have to have a quality mark to be eligable to participate in the program. Also, if a shop doesn’t live up to the standards, the Afterpay concern will limit the payment options of the party.

The service of Afterpay extend to the buying now and paying later domain. But instead of it being a credit, like most forms of paying afterwards, it is just a method of payment and you don’t need to pay any interest on the amount due.

The standard payment term is 14 days upon receiving your order and you can pay through a payment link you will receive in your email. The added use of this is that you can first see if:

  1. you will receive your order from a shop you might not know yet
  2. the products you ordered are of good quality
  3. the products fit (if you’ve ordered say, clothes for example)

The 14 day waiting period is enough to check all these areas and gives you ample time to send your order back if you’d like, which coincedently is also within 14 days from receiving your order.In that case, you never will have paid for your order at all and the resonsibility lies completely with the shop owner and Afterpay themselves to sort it out.

So, if you don’t know a shop yet, look for the quality marks that are applicable in your country and also perform a check on which payment methods they do accept. If Afterpay is among them, you have a good chance of a reliable store and you can safely order and pay through their service.

Some rare items I like to browse for are Elf books, maybe romantic Fantasy novels for girls. They don’t come along that often and sometimes I have to google a long time before I find one. This way, I don’t have to search even further for a shop that I do already know that carries it, but I can just order it safely.

It saves me a lot of time and hassle and I’ve been burnt too many times to just go around ordering from whatever shop I come across. This way, I know what I’m paying for in advance (when I don’t pay for it in advance).