Great cheap children’s tablets

People often ask me, where can I get cheap children’s tablets? I work at a department store so I come across quite a few models. The department stores however don’t necessarily have the cheapest ones so I tend to do my own research with platform like this site where a great comparison is made.

This way, I can see for myself what characteristics work best for children, and I can advise others in how to handle the different solutions that are out there. It’s important for example to look at te screen size. This can be quite different for a toddler than it would be for a nine year old.

Differences in screen sizes effect the overall usability of the child handling it. You can image your phone screen and doing everuthing with your thumb. Some larger screens have hard to reach places on the uppermost corners, even foor your sized hands. Imagine what a toddler must feel like with a very large tablet!

The best thing is to just bring in the most appropriate tablet for the child to start learning with. Swiping comes almost like a second nature to kids’ these days and that might be a good thing. Helping our child progress in life with al the new technological possibilities and everything that is to come in the maybe near future is of utmost importance to their development as they probably will need it in any kind of high paying succesful career.

They should start as early as possible to use it and explore with it, in a safe environment mind you where inappropriate content has been blocked, and learn and grow along with the technology. Hopefully, they can help us evolve sometime in the near future so we as parents don’t get left behind.

So screen size is very important. Another factor to take into account is the processing speed. While most apps suitable for children won’t have to much aof a strain on the cpu, kids these days don’t expect to wait for an app to load or a screen to come up. If it takes longer than a few seconds, they assume that it’s broken and will ask you why it doesn’t work.

That is the state we are in today in the world. Everything is moving so fast that we don’t expect to have to wait anymore. Kids expect the software to have developed as far as to where we can get instant access to everything we want. Waiting for a slow cpu can be frustrating in a world like that.


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